The Le Corbusier Tale

The Le Corbusier Tale

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Chindigarha: The Le Corbusier Story

Getting love is much like getting a masterpiece on the planet of architecture. And just as Le Corbusier's genius shaped the town Attractive of Chandigarh, can help you shape your really like story with someone that shares your passions.

Chandigarh: The Architectural Marvel

Start out your journey on the globe of architectural wonder by exploring the Tale of Le Corbusier and Chandigarh. His innovative method of city setting up remaining a profound mark on the town. Just about every sector, Road, and making in Chandigarh echoes his visionary layouts.

Identifying Like for Architecture

At, we feel that shared passions sort the muse of Long lasting associations. No matter if your heart beats for architecture, art, or any other desire, our System connects you with individuals who value the identical elegance in style and aesthetics.

The Capitol Complex: A Environment Heritage Website

Chandigarh's Capitol Complex, a UNESCO Environment Heritage Internet site, showcases Le Corbusier's genius. It homes legendary constructions like the Legislative Assembly, Large Court docket, and Secretariat. The open-hand image, a towering presence in the advanced, represents "the hand to offer and also the hand to choose."

Locating a Hand to carry

Just as the open up hand symbolizes the beauty of providing and having, gives a System to realize that Particular hand to carry on your lifetime's journey. Regardless of whether you might be an architect, an art fanatic, or just somebody who appreciates fantastic layout, our System connects you with like-minded people who could grow to be an integral Element of your life.

The Rock Backyard garden: Nek Chand's Eyesight

Nek Chand's Rock Back garden is another testament to Chandigarh's creative spirit. This enchanting back garden is really a testament to 1 male's eyesight and creativity. Likewise, on, you could find people who share your eyesight of the loving and significant marriage.

Chindigarha's elegance and artistry are not Urban Design only confined to its architecture; What's more, it resides during the possible to find a deep and significant relationship. Visit and download our application from the Play Shop to begin your journey towards a beautiful relationship now.

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